Top Reasons To See This Website And Learn About Using Scents To Attract Customers

Many businesses today are discovering an invisible form of marketing. Instead of words or images, they are using scents to create positive emotions and memories in customers’ minds. Scent marketing does far more than waft a pleasant smell through a room. Scents can drive sales and inspire customer loyalty among many other benefits. The following are some of the top reasons to use scents as a marketing tool, and business owners can see this website to learn even more.

Reach Customers At A Subconscious Level

Customers may not be consciously aware of a scent when they walk into a store, but they recognize it at a deep, instinctive level where the scent is a powerful trigger for memory. The smell of pine needles or cinnamon and cloves at Christmas, for example, can trigger positive childhood memories of the holiday and create a happy feeling in the customer.

Scents Encourage Shoppers To Stay

Research has demonstrated that shoppers are more likely to linger in a store with a pleasant scent. In fact, one study revealed that customers will spend 20% longer in a store with a scent that matches the store’s content. In other words, shoppers at a hardware store will spend more time browsing if the store has a strong sent of wood, which most customers identify as a positive aroma.

Scents Increase Sales

There is a lot of evidence that customers buy more in an environment where a strong scent matches the products being sold. For example, the strong scent of coffee at a coffeeshop increases sales of all products, while the scent of baked goods greeting customers at the entry to a grocery store also encourages customers to buy more food of all kinds. One study revealed that gamblers spent almost 50% more money at a casino that was scented with a floral aroma when compared to an unscented casino.

Create A Strong Brand Impression

When retailers use the same scent consistently from one store to another, they create an indelible association between the pleasant scent and the brand in the customer’s mind. A brand-specific scent can be just as strong an impression as a visual logo or a marketing jingle. A high-quality and pleasing aroma can also enhance customers’ perception of the value of the brand.